Earth-Pulverizing Announcement


Remember that book called THE BLOODIEST QUEEN? That became THE MEDICI QUEEN when it was pointed out that my UK and Australian readers would guffaw at the "Bloodiest" bit?

Well, after much deliberation, I came up with another title with a bit more pizzazz than THE MEDICI QUEEN -- one which shows Catherine's deep involvement with evil forces. The result?

THE DEVIL'S QUEEN. It'll be out spring/summer 2009, and I'll give an update as soon as I know the month.

P.S. That, plus I've heard my dear friend John Allen is running for President. I'm anxiously awaiting his text message to learn which lucky soul he's chosen as his running mate.


Whatever the title, can't wait for the Medici book!!!
We all support you!
ellen george

Perfect. Any word on US publication date?

Thanks so much, Ellen.

Helen, It's going to be spring/summer 2009. My editor, Charlie, says that could be anywhere from April to August, but he promises to let me know the month as soon as they look at the schedule. They like to figure out what else is coming out from other publishers, so that my book isn't published at the same time as one of my "competitors'."

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