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When my agent, Russ, first suggested that I try my hand at a historical, he mentioned that I ought to study an author who happened to be represented by my foreign agent, Danny. That author was Noah Gordon, who wrote a fine novel which became a bestseller in Europe, though not so much here: THE PHYSICIAN, set in the 11th century. THE PHYSICIAN is the story of young Rob Cole, a Londoner who is determined – after the loss of his mother – to learn all he can about healing. It’s a richly detailed look at the healing arts in the early middle ages. I highly recommend Gordon’s books.


Dear Miss Kalogridis!

I have just read your novel The Borgia Bride, and since I am very much interested in the Borgia family (ok, I confess: I plan to write a novel about the Borgias myself :) ), and found your novel one of the best fictions covering this era, I would ask you to provide me with your email address. I ask this, because I'd like to ask some questions about the Borgia family and also share my views about your novel, which I like very much by the way. About me: I am Gergely Herpai, Hungarian journalist. After much years working at a magazine I would like to try my hand at writing a historical book about this era and the Borgias. I have done deep research already, and I'd like to talk about it with you, if possible. Awaiting your response:


Gergely Herpai

Am a Kalogridis fan from way back to the Opa,com days!!
How can we contact Jeanne? My computer ate the email address I had communcated with Jeanne -
When is the new book coming out?
Many thanks
ellen george
Top 800 Amazon reviewer, and book reviewer for several online sites.

I am a huge fan of your books. But why is it that your latest book "the medici queen which is published here in uk on 2 june cannot be obtained either here or anywhere in world. I have been trying for weeks to obtain it but everywhere i try tell ne it is unobtainable.

Hi, Steve,

THE MEDICI QUEEN will be published in spring 2009. Don't know who said it would be available now in the UK -- that's definitely untrue, as my British editor hasn't even finished reading it. There's usually a nine-month lag between the time the book is turned in and the time it's published.


My mind just connected the Gentileschi painting at the top of this page. Have you read "The Passion of Artemisia" by Vreeland? Beautifully written book. The way she describes paintings is just too amazing for words, and yet somehow she HAS found the words.


No, I haven't read Vreeland's book, but I'm going to check it out on Amazon right now -- thanks for the tip.


Thanks for the recommendation! I am writing a book on the history of wacky medicial cures so I could really use a break from the more mundane research.

Really looking forward to your book being release in the US (has it yet???) The whole messed up Medici clan has always facinated me.

Good morning Ms. Kalogridis,
My name is Matt Coates and I have just finished reading your trilogy of vampire books. They were awesome!!! I very much enjoyed them. As I started reading them I found that they are very hard to put down. I read all three in a week or so. They are a very interesting read. Your writing and story telling put right in the book, with no problem at all in visualizing what you wanted us to see.

I am wondering if you have been to Transylvania and seen the Castle? I would love to go as I too have been interested in Dracula since a very young age.

Thanks for a really great week.

Sincere regards,
Matt Coates

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