I Can't Believe I Wrote the Whole Thing


It's all over but the shouting, folks -- at least until I hear back from my editor, whom I utterly adore. I e-mailed the manuscript to him twenty minutes ago.

As of this instant, THE BLOODIEST QUEEN (whose US title might change to the UK title of THE MEDICI QUEEN) is scheduled for publication by St. Martin's in Winter of 2009 -- as things progress, I'll learn whether that means January, February, or March '09.

More to come this week. Thanks to all of you for putting up with my long absence.


w00t! That's fantastic. :)

Yay, congratulations, Jeanne! Can't wait to read it. Regards to you and George!

Jeanne....Jeanne? Don't seem to recall that name at all. hehehehe Congrats, bubby!

Congratulations! I know just how you must feel!

I am a first-timer here on your blog, wondering if there are plans to do audio editions of your novels. I am particularly interested in an audio version of I, Mona Lisa, which has gotten such stunning reviews. Best of luck, ~ Alexis

welcom bak to th land of th living ;)
love yuo!

frm th evil twin....

Thanks, my evil twin. (Or am *I* the evil twin?)

I actually took the time to cook nice dinners this past week -- life is so much better without having to live off of take-out!


The *other* evil twin

Oh yay! *jumps up and down*

Oh I'm so happy to hear you've finished writing it! I'm a little late in the congratulations though it seems -_-

How go the final revisions?

Thanks, everyone. Anna, the final revisions were sweet and quick -- they're already done!


Love your books but I cant hold of your latest :the Medici Queen. All the websites say its published in uk on 2 June 2008 but cant get it anywhere.Can you let me know when its published ? Thanks.


THE MEDICI QUEEN will be published in 2009. What sites say 2008? I just turned it in to the publisher, which means there will be a nine-month to a year lag before publication.


Thanks for that. Amazon.co.uk play.com waterstones and all British websites say its published on 2 June 2008. Never mind - all good things are worth waiting for. Love all your books, I'll look forward to the new one in 2009, and Catherine de Medici is a fascinating subject.

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