Ah, Well


My editor, Charlie, loved the book I turned in -- hooray! Just as delightfully, there are almost no editorial changes to be done -- double hooray!

The title, however, has been changed from THE BLOODIEST QUEEN to THE MEDICI QUEEN because the marketing folks are frightened that my gory title might scare off prospective readers.

Gee whiz. It is, after all, a book about a massacre (the St. Bartholomew's Day one, to be exact). And I would have thought, by now, that my readers have figured out that I like things, um, dark.

But the marketing folks also insisted on changing my title from PAINTING MONA LISA to I, MONA LISA, and I've had a number of US readers tell me they preferred the latter title, because it was far more descriptive of the book's content.

Further update: THE MEDICI QUEEN will be released in hardcover first, instead of trade paperback (translation: They really, really like the book and have faith reviewers and readers will, too). This has pushed us back a bit from a Winter 2009 pub date to Spring/Summer 2009, so that lots of reviewers and distributors can get advance reading copies.

In the interim, the author is catching up on some long-deserved reading of her favorite authors -- one of whom is Dan Simmons. More about him soon...


Jeanne ain't kiddin' when she says like things dark. You want a good scare? Go out and buy SPECTERS and read about a creepy fellow named Rolf Brunerp. In my opinion, this is the darkest, most disturbing novel Jeanne has written, and Jeanne, please don't take that the wrong way. I'm sure it was a tough subject to write about and Jeanne makes it palatable yet terrifying.

Oh, and guess what? THE BLOODIEST QUEEN is probably gonna come out at the same time as the new STAR TREK movie. Co-inky-dink? :-)

Ensign John Allen

Yeah, SPECTERS wasn't exactly a walk in the park (written under my pseudonym, J. M. Dillard).

So when the ST movie hits the theaters, come on out and we can celebrate my book and the movie (if it's not a bomb), dude! Assuming I'm in the country...

Yes I like the title I Mona Lisa but The Bloodiest Queen should be the title of latest book. It grabs attention. Doesn't mean the new title won't especially if people know how great your books are. But I mean yes Bloodiest Queen It should be. I can't wait to read it.


I'm with you on the title BLODDIEST QUEEN -- too bad I can't turn you loose on St. Martin's marketing department. :)

Ah, well. They're great professionals there and know what they're doing. I'd rather my book be read by more people (which is their intent) than worry about the title. The great thing is, they're not touching the content, which is what I truly care about.


I just adored "I, Mona Lisa" and I'm planning on reading "The Borgia Bride" very soon. I was thrilled when I heard you were writing a book about Catherine Medici, and I was wondering if there is any way I can get my hands on an ARC to review for my blog?

Thank you so much, and I can't wait to see who your next subject will be!!

Lezlie Gits

I'm glad to hear the the revisions will be minimal. But I have to say that I'm sad that it's going to be a hardcover :( I LOVE trade paperbacks and find them so much easier to read from. But I love your work(after reading the Borgia Bride I ran out and bought all your other books) so I'm sure to pick up the hardcover the first week it's available.

I loved "I, Mona Lisa" I agree on the title. Also, the title of the new book should be "The Bloodiest Queen." Some may see the title "The Medici Queen" and think the book is just another boring historical novel, rather than the piece of awesome Historical Fiction it is going to be!

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