Still Not Dead


Okay, I said the book was due the fifteenth of March... but the finished manuscript runs very, very long -- 900 pages. I'm still working to cut *three hundred* of them.

I'm blind, I'm crazed, but I'm almost done.

Give me a week or two, my darlings, and I'll be back.


aaahhh ws wondring, dear sis.
well, keep yuor eye on da hot tub and a lovly bottl of th Best. HA! ;)

Hi, Sara!

In case anybody's wondering, Sara and I are twins, separated at birth... Right, sis? ;)

The question is, which one of us is the EVIL twin?

Thanks, darling, for the words of support.

Hi Mrs. Kalaogridis.....:)
Yesterday I've finished Your Book, "I Monna Lisa"... Wonderful..... :°) Tnx a lot...again!!!^^

Good luck for all!

I'm waiting..... :)

Hi, Annalisa --

I'm so glad you enjoyed I, MONA LISA!

My travails should end soon -- THE BLOODIEST QUEEN should be finished by this Friday.


Just wanted to say that I have loved your books since I picked up "The Burning Times." It is a great story and I'm in the process of reading it again! Can't wait for "The Bloodiest Queen" It will be the first on my must buys!


Hi, Liz,

and thanks for commenting. I'm so glad you enjoyed the books! I'm writing the BIG FINAL SCENE right now, and am taking a dinner break. Thanks so much for giving me the oomph to keep going!


Hi, Ms. Kalogridis -
I posted a review of I, Mona Lisa on my LJ page months and months ago calling you my new favorite author. You stopped in and left a really nice comment, something I've never forgotten. I am *so* glad I discovered your blog! I can't tell you how much I respect and admire you and your writing, and I am really anxious for the next book. :)

Hi, Jennifer,

So sorry I haven't been able to visit your blog lately. As of tonight (Saturday, the 5th), my latest book is WRITTEN, but I'm spending the weekend trying to cut an additional fifty pages from the text.

Thank you so much for visiting, and for commenting, and for the lovely reviews. I realize that you are an aspiring writer -- so I know you understand just how much your kind words mean to me.


Dear Ms. Kalogridis,

I read "The Borgia Bride" over my spring vacation and simply loved it; I confess that it's a rare treat to read something by choice for me these days! It was the perfect "supplementary" reading for my graduate course on Renaissance Italy (I especially loved getting a better sense of Renaissance Naples and Rome). Best of luck finishing your book on Catherine de Medici--I cannot wait to read it!


Hi, James! Thank you so much for the kind comment about THE BORGIA BRIDE. Ooh, a grad course on Renaissance Italy -- I envy you.

As a matter of fact, I just sent the book about Catherine to my publisher TEN minutes ago! Hooray!!


Dear Mrs. Kalogridis:
Well I've always loved all of Christopher Lee's Dracula films, Dark Shadows, and especially The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova,but your trilogy Covenant With The Vampire,Children of The Vampire, and Lord of The Vampires is superb. My son sent me this trilogy for Mothers Day and I had never heard of the books before. What great reads and what a great concept. You have an amazing mind. How did you ever come up with this idea? I know these books were written in the 90's so could you tell me about any others you've written especially more recent? Carole

Hi, Carole,

Thanks so much for your kind comments about the vampire trilogy (aka the Diaries of the Family Dracul). Frankly, the most fun I've ever had was writing that trilogy!

When I was twelve, I borrowed my 16-year-old brother's copy of DRACULA, read it, and was hooked for life. I adore vampire fiction. And someday, I promise I'm going to write a sequel! For now, however, I have a contract with St. Martin's Press to write some historicals...

The books I've written since the trilogy are (in chronological order): THE BURNING TIMES (not my favorite), THE BORGIA BRIDE, and I, MONA LISA. A few months ago, I turned in THE MEDICI QUEEN (formerly titled THE BLOODIEST QUEEN); it'll be released spring/summer 2009. And I'm already working on a new book about a deadly conspiracy pitting the Medici against the Borgia, which features the amazing virago, Caterina Sforza.


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