To Be Read


On my nightstand, waiting to be read:

LAURA BLUNDY, a Victorian-era dark historical by Julie Myerson (a peek at the first page has already convinced me that I'll love it)

ANGER, by Thich Nhat Hanh (I recommend all of his books)

GOULD'S BOOK OF FISH, a historical novel by Richard Flanagan (recommended by the NY Times Book Review)


Since I'll have little time to read until March, these are currently gathering dust, but I've promised myself that this year, I'll read a lot more fiction.

Reading recommendations, anyone? Comments?


Not a suggestion, really more of an update for Madame Dillard.

Peter David's ST:TNG novel BEFORE DISHONOR came out and once again used J.M.'s character of the Vulcan counselor T'Lana. If Madame Dillard would like to know what happened, have her email me. ;-)

Ensign John Allen

Hi Jeanne,
I've been asked to write an article about historical fiction blogs for Solander magazine, and your blog was mentioned to me as a good one. I can't find your email addy anywhere, though. If you can answer a few questions about HF blogs, can you let me know? That'd be great. Thanks Jeanne! Karen

Hi Jeanne,

I love your writings. I am always recommending to others -- the dracul collection.

I believe you might enjoy. The Thirteenth Tale by Jane Sutterfield. I truly enjoyed! If you get a chance to read it, let me know what you think!

Have a great day!

Hi, Ang, and welcome. Thanks so much for your kind words about the Dracul trilogy -- I had an enormous amount of fun writing it.

I'll definitely check out The Thirteenth Tale!


I always appreciate your recommendations and anyone else who recommends books to me. I read two you have listed and I plan to read everyone you continue to list. Thanks for that. I need to make a list of recommendations haha. Congrats on finishing the book I think I missed posting that in the last comment.

Hi, Nolon, thanks for dropping by.

Glad you enjoyed the recommendations -- I just posted one about Dan Simmons' THE TERROR.

And if you have any recommendations you think I'd like, please share!


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